Contests for fun company

No matter how elegantly the holiday table was set, no matter how homemade delicacies competed with dishes prepared in a cafe, there comes a time when you no longer want to sit at the table. In this case, if neither the quest nor the theme party inspire the organizers of the holiday, you need to prepare a special script. These are pre-arranged birthday contests that are held at home:

“Let’s play a fairy tale script.” Take a simple fairy tale, known to all playing. Before the start of the game, they distribute who will be who, so that the others do not guess the role of the neighbor. The presenter starts telling a fairy tale (singing a little song), and the participants at this time try to find out who is ready for that, trying to play their roles. Explosions of violent laughter do not allow to finish the presentation …

“What should I do about it?” The participant is blindfolded; he determines with one hand what is lying on the table. These are mainly household items (rolling pin, hairdryer, glasses case, decorative button), but he does not know about it. It is necessary after the examination of the subject to tell how it can be used. For each participant is selected a new set of things.

“Bring me.” The facilitator asks to bring him some object (glasses, belt, notebook, shoe, earring). Whoever does it first get’s a mini prize or a token. Who has more insignia, the contender for the main prize.

Contests such as “question and answer.” Funny questions and no less funny answers that are distributed to participants in a chaotic manner are selected in advance. Everyone answers a neighbor’s question, using the answer he has got. Awkward combinations cause laughter, to say the least.

You can somewhat change the script and hold a scene with a disguised fortune-teller, who offers to pull out funny predictions from her hand.

In order to have a fun birthday at home, it is not necessary to bear the high costs. Fun contests, an elaborate script, original decorations dedicated to the birthday man, will help to celebrate this holiday so that it will be remembered for a long time!

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